My teaching experience includes both undergraduate and graduate instruction, at private and public institutions, in the United States and abroad. This experience includes advising undergraduate and graduate students on theses that rely on a variety of methods. Both students and colleagues have consistently given me high marks in their evaluations of my teaching. I was delighted to receive an Honored Instructor Teaching Award from students at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in Fall 2015, and a Departmental Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2017. My pedagogical contributions have been recognized outside of my university as well. The syllabus for my class on “The Jews, States, and Citizenship” was included in the third edition of The Sociology of Jewry: A Curriculum Guide and Critical Introduction, published by the American Sociological Association in 2007. More recently, in 2016, The Chronicle of Higher Education interviewed me about my role in developing a new course on the Wisconsin Idea in response to political attacks on the University of Wisconsin (see below).

Undergraduate courses

Graduate courses

  • Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy in America since 1890
  • Citizenship and the Welfare State in the United States
  • Comparative and Historical Methods in Sociology
  • Democracy and Cultural Pluralism
  • Introductory Proseminar for Graduate Students
  • Modernity and the Jews in Social Theory
  • Sociology of Citizenship